The Word of God

To: You From: Me, the Little Bible Research Engine Have you ever known a few words or phrases from a verse or chapter in the Bible, but you couldn't find it because you forgot the reference? Then, hello! I am the little Bible research engine that is here to help you! Just type in one, two, or even a few words you can remember from a verse like heavens declare and then the moment you finish typing, I will find all verses with those words from the whole Bible for you! And I can do so much more, too! These are the helpful details, instructions, and examples of how I work for you!! By default when you search for words only, like John, I only search for verses with those words in them. For example, a search for just John will find verses containing the word John such as "John had his raiment of camel's hair" in Matthew 3:4, instead of finding every single verse in the entire book of John. Hmm, so what if you want to search for a reference? That's easy, too! The very instant that you put in a digit after a word, then it searches for references instead! So for example, searching for Matthew 1 will find Matthew chapter 1! That's it! It's so easy! And if you want to add keywords to find within Matthew chapter 1, just add those keywords to your search! I will do all the hard work for you! (Secret Bible society hidden trick! If you want to search for keywords within an entire book of the Bible, instead of just a certain chapter, then enter 0 as the chapter to leave the chapter unspecified and therefore search within any chapter of the given book: for example, Matthew 0 John will tell me to find all the verses in the book of Matthew containing John! Also, if you don't add any keyword after the 0, then I will return the whole book to you!) After all this, I was thinking one day, how can I help you even more? And then another idea occurred to me! You might be searching for a different spelling of a word like American English favor versus British English favour. So I added a checkbox to myself that shows up with any search results so that you can always choose whether or not to include results for similar vowel sounds/spellings, too!! Presto!! You can also have me find Scriptures that contain multi-word phrases by using quotes like "redeeming the time" as well as find multiple verses at once through traditional extended references like Isaiah 54:1-3! (You even use shortcut notation for references and just enter isaiah 54 1 3 to get the exact same results! Work smarter, not harder!!) When you want to narrow your results down to only those that don't match something, just use a minus sign before what you want to subtract from your search results like this priest -high. Wildcard?? Yes!! You may use a dot . as a wildcard for any character by popular demand!!! You can do tons of things with this! You can find the longest verse in the Bible by typing ...... on and on until you narrow it down! (Way cool! The three longest verses in the Bible are Jeremiah 21:7, 2 Kings 16:15, and Esther 8:9 the longest one of all!) A secret few know about is that if you use me on a computer and hover over any word within a verse in search results, then I will count up for you how many times that word happens in the Scripture and make a tooltip under your mouse that tells you!! As an example, the word Adam happens 31 times in the Bible!! (And it happens in 27 different verses total!) Last, but not least, here's one more thing for advanced users like you!! All my search results are case insensitive except for one special case! When you capitalize a word, then that word will only match starting at the beginning of a word. What does that mean? If, for instance, you search for joy then it will also find enjoy also. But if you search for Joy then only words which actually start with joy are found (including words based on joy like joyfulness). [Super advanced research tip: combine this technique with quotes and a trailing space, i.e., "Joy " if you only want matches that contain literally the word joy only!] I hope this helps you! Sincerely, Your Little Bible Research Engine P.S. Best of all, to format all of your Scripture search results beautifully for sharing with your loved ones, just click the "Copy Results" button at the top of this page! Or simply click/tap a single verse to copy one verse on its own! © 2020 Dr. Joseph Myers